What is EEET

EEET – a tool that will help us understand visitor behaviour in Science Centres

The European Exhibition Evaluation Tool (EEET) project aims to develop a set of tools that evaluates several important aspects of visitor behaviour in science centres in a consistent and time-efficient way. Based on a solid theoretical framework, EEET includes tools to evaluate how visitors use exhibitions as a whole, periods during the visit when they are most likely to learn, and individual exhibit design, focused on whether a certain exhibit can be considered “Potentially Meaningful Learning Material”.

EEET helps answer questions such as:

Are exhibits/experiments being used as intended by the designer?

Do they provide potential for learning?

When during the visit will visitors be most likely to learn?

Where in the exhibition will they be in this timeframe?

How do visitors spend their time in our exhibition?

Are there any areas where visitors spend more time than other areas in the exhibition?